Click on one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse brand and franchising opportunities.

  • Do I need to hire a five-star chef to execute in a Johnny’s?

    No, we prefer to source chefs and executive management that have full-service, high volume experience. If they know how to execute and operate day in, day out, we can train them to deliver the Johnny’s experience. With an aspirational brand like Johnny’s, you can attract a host of talent from casual full service concepts looking for a way up.

  • Can I own and operate more than one unit?

    Yes, you may own more than one freestanding unit. Additional locations may be secured by executing a development agreement. In order to receive the rights to a specified territory, a development fee ($10,000) is paid upfront per location. At the time you convert the development location to a franchise location, the franchise fee is reduced in an amount equal to the per/unit development fee ($10,000). You will select a territory among those currently available and receive protection for the specified area. The number of units and timeline to develop them is determined and mutually agreed upon by you and us, the franchisor.

  • How many Cast Members (employees) do I need to operate a Johnny’s?

    The staffing model will vary based upon a freestanding unit or a hotel complement. In most cases, you can plan on between 35-50 full-time and part-time staff.

  • How much should I plan to invest to own and operate a Johnny’s?

    We provide a complete disclosure of the initial investment costs as well as the ongoing fees associated with operating your Johnny’s. This information is provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and can be requested by contacting our VP of Brand Development.

  • Why do I need to sign a receipt when receiving a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

    The FDD is an extensive document that contains pertinent information you need to know before making your decision to invest in a Johnny’s. Signing the receipt simply provides us with proof that you have received a copy of the FDD.

  • Do I need to construct and own the restaurant location?

    No, there are a number of ways you can operate the model. Some may choose to develop, construct, own and operate the real estate site. Others may seek a suitable location as a tenant such as within a retail center or in a first floor office space.

  • What support do I receive once I open?

    Our support process starts long before you open the restaurant. We’ve been operating successful restaurants for close to four decades and have an operational team at the ready to help you succeed. You will also receive our recommendations for Johnny’s knowledgeable vendors in marketing support, custom graphic design, promotions, sales and development, operations, architectural layout and design, interior design and sourcing, and kitchen design and sourcing. We have you covered.

  • Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask?

    Nope! Still have more? Contact us via the information at the right or at the bottom of the page.