Our Philosophy

We believe that we can touch people’s lives, even for just a moment, by providing the best possible dining experience. The food, the service, the ambiance – every aspect of a restaurant has to be perfect in order to elevate a simple meal into something special, something memorable.

That’s why we refer to our operations as if we were producing a play for a live audience. All teams are more than just servers, cooks and busboys; they are composed of Cast Members with meticulous and ongoing training to ensure a rousing performance every day and every night. The best is expected from the cast and crew, and this is reflected by our outstanding customer satisfaction scores, high volumes of customers and low staff turnover rates.

As a part of the Heart of America Group, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse™ is also a family organization, meaning that our goal is to form lifelong relationships with franchise partners and work side-by-side with them to push the brand to new heights. Johnny’s is strategically positioned to be regarded as a local or regional specialty in the marketplace. We are looking for partners who value the aspirational strength of this exclusivity.

Moreover, we are as invested in the success of the brand as our partners. As an owner and franchisor, Heart of America Group continues to operate existing and construct new Johnny’s locations. Our operational lens and steadfast investment in the brand allows us to keep a vigilant eye on service delivery perfection and the bottom line.

Each exclusive franchise launch is cause for celebration as it’s an opportunity to introduce new consumers to the enduring qualities of the brand. Enthusiastic partners committed to impeccable service standards – if you believe this to be the ideal recipe for success, then let’s talk.