Business Experience
The following personnel are currently serving or may serve in a similar capacity for Heart of America Group.


Mike Whalen

President & CEO
Mr. Whalen is the founder of Heart of America Group (the “Company”) and has ...

Kim Whalen

Executive Vice President
Ms. Whalen began her career with Heart of America in 1979 when she joined the ...
Kirk Whalen

Kirk Whalen

Vice President & Corporate Counsel
Since 1994, Mr. Whalen has served as VP & General Counsel and is responsi...
Chuck Ullrich

Chuck Ullrich

Vice President & CFO
Mr. Ullrich joined the Company in 1999 as Vice President & CFO and is ...

Ajay Singh

Vice President of Brand Developement
Mr. Singh joined the Company in 2012 to oversee the franchise development of ...
John Schulz

John Schulz

Vice President of Construction
Mr. Schulz joined the Company in 2013 as VP – Construction and is responsible ...

Our Team

Dereck Trebilcock

Brand Leader
Mr. Trebilcock joined Heart of America Group in August 2004 as a Chief Operat...
Alex Bauer

Alex Bauer

Brand Manager
Ms. Bauer joined the company in 2018 as a Brand Manager. In this role, she ...

Dan Oliver

Corporate Architect
Since 1999, Mr. Oliver has served as Corporate Architect for the Company and is ...
Jenny McGowan

Jenny McGowan

Director of Design
Ms. McGowan joined Heart of America Group in 2016 as Director of Design. In her ...
Kurt Steiner

Kurt Steiner

Corporate Controller
Mr. Steiner joined the Company in 2008 as a Staff Accountant. In his current ...

Emily Sutton

Lead Graphic Designer
Emily joined Heart of America Group in 2011 as Graphic Designer, and is ...