Franchise Partner Testimonials

“Research is everything.  Being a guest at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse was a first-class experience from beginning to the last bite of Limoncello Cake.  With that experience and knowledge, I knew investing in this franchise would be a successful opportunity because of their track record.  Johnny’s has the expertise and training program I was looking for to take me to the next level as a restauranteur.  Atmosphere, presentation and attention to detail is what sold me.”

Kenny Koza
Group10 Management
Franchise Owner in Farmington Hills and Livonia, Michigan


“We outperformed expected revenues in the first year for both lodging and food and beverage and results continue to improve. I’ve worked with a variety of other companies and one thing that stands out is that they have a track record of being successful operators themselves. Franchisors who have success as operators tend to be the best partners.”

Tom Larson
President of Larson Management, Inc.
Franchise Owner in Eau Claire, Wisconsin


“Everyone claims to be the best, but Johnny’s really is. They handled everything flawlessly, from the kitchen to the house. My team was perfectly set up to handle the guests—in ten days! One woman told us she felt like she wasn’t in Eau Claire, but in New York or Chicago. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous place, but if the staff doesn’t match the environment, it won’t work.”

Mike Adams
Managing Director
Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, Eau Claire, Wisconsin


“I like to show up unannounced as a guest. I did that every time when I was researching them and was always blown away by the experience. [With Johnny’s] We wanted to impress a little more; we wanted to pull the community in and help energize their downtown and Johnny’s will definitely do that. [Heart of America’s] training and ongoing support really blows you away. It feels like we’re on the ground floor of a unique trend.”

Rob Uehran
Partner, Spirit Hospitality
Franchise Owner in Cheyenne, Wyoming


“Johnny’s [has] absolutely [blown] away our guests. This is no roadside steakhouse. This does NOT feel like it’s a chain. It’s as close to fine dining as you can get without paying the price. [And] we will do another Johnny’s. I think this concept is just going to grow.”

Bob Ritter
VP Operations, Middletown Hotel Management
Franchise Owner in North Cincinnati