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Lobster Mac & Cheese

Shell pasta baked in a rich cream with real lobster and a crunchy bread crumb top.

Famous Iron Skillet Potatoes

Rich creamy shredded potatoes seared in an iron skillet until crispy on the outside, loaded with Wisconsin Cheddar cheese.

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

Served with rémoulade sauce.

Classic Shrimp Cocktail

Giant shrimp, cocktail sauce and Johnny’s dipping sauce.

Little Italy Combination

Calamari Marinara, Sausage Bread, Toasted Ravioli and Bruschetta.

Sausage Bread

Home baked bread stuffed with sausage, onion, Mozzarella and Colby cheese. Served with marinara sauce.

Zucchini Fries

Shoestring zucchini fries with rémoulade dipping sauce.

Toasted Ravioli

Cheese ravioli with marinara and Johnny’s dipping sauce.

Betta Bruschetta

Grilled focaccia bread, Roma tomatoes, goat cheese, onions, olive oil and basil. Even betta with shrimp for additional charge.

Calamari Marinara

Served with marinara and Johnny’s dipping sauce.